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Los Angeles (April 10, 2017) – Firepower Records is set to release Pane Mua’s Dizzy Robot EP on April 28, and all we can think about is how massive these Jazz-and–experimental hip hop influenced tunes will be blasting out of the summer festival sound systems. Pane Mua offers the bass world something entirely fresh and innovative, and the risks he takes with this EP pay off. This may also be the first time we’ve released a bona fide University lecturer. Pane Mua studied at the University Of Music in Freiburg, Germany, then became a lecturer for jazz-piano and jazz-/pop-arrangement at two universities in Southern Germany. After hearing Justice’s album, Cross, for the first time, Pane Mua invested his academic knowledge of musical arrangements into the production of dance music. What we have here is something special.

The first track on the EP is “Dizzy Robot”, and there’s an immediate classic reggae vibe that is absolutely intoxicating. We’re also introduced to Pane Mua’s avatar, the Dizzy Robot, whose voice features prominently across the EP. The Mech-hop stylings of the track make this a sincerely satisfying head-nodic experience while also leaving you with a layer of filth.

“Your Memes Are $#_!” continues to push the minimal Mech sound design. There’s a solid UK hip hop vocal sample here, which flavors the tune with a grimey London gangster undercurrent. “Your Memes are $#_!” is followed up with another kind of experimental hip-hop infusion.

With “Whip Slap” and “Finnegan’s Wobble”, Pane Mua is able to meld a heavy Dub beat structure to an essentially Hip Hop tune. This kind of risk-taking pays off, and both tracks offers a decisively fresh take on how we headbang to Dubstep. “Finnegan’s Wobble” showcases Pane Mua’s academic Jazz background. A sexy Jazz riff anchors the tune over a hip-hop intro, but it builds into a massive drop and a modern bass music beat structure pummels through the rest of the track.

Lastly, “Fire (Walk With Me)” offers a comprehensive take on Pane Mua’s Hip Hop-Jazz-bass music production philosophy. It’s nearly impossible to tag a specific genre to this tune. It features a blues guitar riff, which flows into a classic hip-hop scratch session. ( The buildup feeds into a nasty mech and riddim-heavy beat structure, and the result is chaos. A very good kind of chaos.

The Tracklisting for “Dizzy Robot” is:

  1. Pane Mua – “Dizzy Robot”
  2. Pane Mua – “Your Memes Are $#_!”
  3. Pane Mua – “Whip Slap”
  4. Pane Mua – “Finnegan’s Wobble”
  5. Pane Mua – “Fire (Walk With Me)”

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