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Los Angeles (May 15th, 2017) – Long time Firepower fam member MinesSweepa is back, and we are beyond thrilled to announce his forthcoming release, Stank Breath, which is set to drop June 2nd on Firepower Records. MineSweepa keeps himself very busy between releases, and although it’s been some time since his last EP broke onto setlists all over the globe, we can assure you that Stank Breath reveals a level of production and rage-ness that took quality time to complete. It’s clear that MineSweepa has one foot in the more diverse components of the Hip Hop game and the other in the bass music world. This EP brings both together for a decisively fresh take on the always-evolving bass music sound.

The title track “Stank Breath” starts the EP off swaggering like a MF. MineSweepa has been around long enough to see the trends in bass music come and go. He capitalizes on that wisdom by constructing a tune that goes hard both as a Dubstep tune and a filthy trap style banger. “Stitches” continues to showcase MineSweepa’s diverse musical interests and inventive mind by dipping into the global sounds of Moombahton and Bounce. “Stitches” is a straight-up dance floor destroyer, and the world beat that pins it all together is absolutely irresistible.

The third tune on the EP, “It’s Alive”, moves the listener through a series of easily recognizable samples and sound designs reminiscent of Rap tracks from the late 90’s and early 2000’s. That kind of nostalgia works well against the searing synth arrangement and heavy dubstep beat structure. “Nail Biter”, the last tune on the EP, solidifies MineSweepa as one of Bass Music’s most creative innovators. He moves from a heavy trap construction, heavily influenced by Hip Hop beat structures, to a Moombahton rager and back again. The shifting beat adds a level of complexity to the track that makes it stand out against every other release out there at the moment. This EP is the new-new fans are craving. Watch it explode during this summer’s festival season.


The Tracklisting for Stank Breath is:

  1. MineSweepa – “Stank Breath”
  2. MineSweepa – “Stitches”
  3. MineSweepa – “It’s Alive”
  4. MineSweepa – “Nail Biter”


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