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Los Angeles (October 17thth, 2017) – Firepower Records is beyond thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of Kompany’s Take Aim EP, and the amount of savagery he’s pumped into this project would make marauding Visigoths shudder in fear. Kompany’s rise through the ranks of bass music’s elite has been hard won and much deserved. After graduating from LA’s prestigious ICON music production school, he’s gone on to release a steady stream of tunes both independently and with label support. This will be his second EP with Firepower Records, and certainly not his last. With a bass face that could melt steel, Kompany’s music continues to demolish dance floors across the nation. Catch him on Bear Grillz’ Freakshow tour this winter.

The first tune on the EP, “Take Aim”, features long time-firepower fam lyricist Mikey Ceaser, and he takes no prisoners here. Kompany engineers a generous platform for Mikey’s lyrical swordplay while delivering some nefarious bass bombs. Kompany’s penchant for the darker sides of Dubstep come through here in the various sinister synths he expertly constructs. The tune is a bone crusher.

“Go Off” is designed to make crowds lose their shit, plain and simple. It’s a rail rider’s dream, an air conductor’s magnum opus. If you’ve seen Kompany play recently you may have witnessed him conducting the savage synths of this tune as they pummel the crowd. It’s a sight to behold. The track is perfectly balanced, toggling between dark musical narratives and full-forced walls of sound.

“Eclipse” is arguably the centerpiece of this EP. Kompany’s production skill is revealed here through his ability to build complex musical stories, which feed right into gargantuan drops. Huge beats roll the tune forward like a massive soul-devouring robot of the apocalypse, and the effect the tune has on the crowd is unmitigated madness.

Squaring off the EP is Kompany’s collaboration with Adair call “Fuk’d”. It’s a genre-bending romp through the bass music universe. An intoxicating break beat leads the tune into hip-swiveling territory real quick. Then the beat breaks down into a hard-as-nails, knee-buckling trap style section. The result is a wonderfully fresh take on bass music. “Fuk’d” is a perfect dance floor weapon for stirring the audience into frenzied hysteria.

Track list for Take Aim:

  1. Kompany – “Take Aim” Featuring Mikey Ceaser
  2. Kompany – “Go Off”
  3. Kompany – “Eclipse”
  4. Kompany & Adair – “Fuk’d”

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