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Los Angeles (January 25, 2016) – Firepower Records is proud to announce the forthcoming release of JPhelpz’ Beatdown EP, which is set to drop on February 19th. This is JPhelpz’ third release with Firepower Records in as many years making him one of the label mainstays. We couldn’t be happier about it. His superior work ethic, humble attitude, and remarkable sense of professionalism has allowed JPhelpz to rise quickly through the ranks of the Bass Music world while staying true to his devotion of the swampy underground Dubstep sound. Beatdown represents a creative mind uncluttered by the pressures of the modern trends towards the mainstream.

Starting the EP is the title track, “Beatdown”, and it’s filthy. A big swampy synth leads the track, but JPhelpz keeps it minimal. Instead of flooding the sonic spaces with walls of sound, he keeps the listener focused on the track’s necessary elements. The result is a nice departure from an over-abundance of synth tricks and stylings.

The idea of genre in the bass music world is gone, and “Stiff Face” makes that clear. The track toggles between various dubstep and trapstyle beat structures without finally settling on any of them. But that makes the track dynamic. Minimal in its approach, “Stiff Face” proves that quality is always better than quantity.

“Snare Alert !!!” is the marquee track of the EP. Given the simple aesthetics of the rest of the EP, this track shows a kind of audio ethic that’s become JPhelpz signature sound. Mechanical yet technical in its production, the listeners will find themselves grooving to the smoother trapstyle elements and raging as the bass goes big.

Rounding off the EP is “Self Destruct”, and it might as well be a homage to the mech bounce style JPhelpz has helped pioneer. An extremely technical synth pattern seethes over the top of a big Dubstep beat structure. He drops the mid range sounds to ensure the listener is focused on the two elemental forces of bass music: the beat, and the synth. The whole EP, then, is a study in the fundamentals.

The tracklist for Beatdown is:

JPhelpz – “Beatdown”

JPhelpz – “Stiff Face”

JPhelpz – “SNARE ALERT !!!”

JPhelpz – “Self Destruct”


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