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Los Angeles (January 16, 2017) – Firepower Records is stoked to announce the release of Jarvis’ second EP with us, Bloodbath, on February 3rd, and it’s gruesome. Jarvis has never shied away from the more grotesque side of the bass music universe, and he’s made a study of the dark and nefarious components of production. Although he’s based in the UK where the debate about how bass music should sound rages on, Jarvis has kept his music loud and filthy, and the results have led to a meteoric rise in his notoriety around the world.

The first track on the EP, “Bloodbath”, sets the tone immediately. Jarvis has developed a reputation as an incredibly meticulous music engineer, and the synths he employs in the service of this bloody mess are sharp as hell. The drop hits, and the track slashes with precision, hitting the soft flesh of the sonic underbelly in the process. Lurking in the shadows of the EP, awaiting the bloody feast, is “The Creature”. Jarvis crushes this track, establishing a sinister topline before dropping the listener off a cliff. The attention to detail with the track is insane, and it’ll have audiences air-conducting like professionals on the dance floor.

The Ragga Twins jump on for the track “Burial Ground” and do what they do best, make it bang. Jarvis shows his talent by successfully constructing multiple Dubstep beat styles here and weaving them together seamlessly. It’s a talent he continues to master in “Dropping the Heat”, layering the track so effectively with innovative sound designs, your mind will melt just trying to keep up. The shift-up is as infectious as a virus, and if the drop doesn’t kill you, the head banging that ensues will.

Rounding out the EP is “Mask”, and it’s here that Jarvis hits his stride. His range and technique cannot be refuted, but it’s this track that shows how deep his knowledge of Dubstep history goes. With so much back-and-forth about the merits of UK versus American Dubstep, Jarvis exemplifies how a classic sound combined with a modern synth arrangement can bang just as hard as the filthiest contemporary bass tune. Jarvis enables the track with more than enough playability to find a home on any DJs set-list.

The Tracklist for Bloodbath is:

  1. Jarvis – “Bloodbath”
  2. Jarvis – “The Creature”
  3. Jarvis – “Burial Ground” (Feat. Ragga Twins)
  4. Jarvis – “Dropping the Heat”
  5. Jarvis – “Mask”

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