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Los Angeles (April 3, 2017) – Firepower Records is thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of Hi I’m Ghost’s stellar EP Hi Friends. Although this is his debut EP, Hi I’m Ghost reveals a level of production mastery unrivaled by many veteran producers today. The EP journeys through multiple bass music sounds and stylings, and each track is a sonic canvas. You need to hear it to believe it, and we’re sure once you do, your faith in quality bass music will be revitalized. All signs indicate Hi I’m Ghost is on a meteoric rise through the ranks of dance music’s brightest newcomers. The way this is going, it’ll be hard to catch him. But, in the words of Hi I’m Ghost, “The ghosts you chase, you never catch. ( ”

The first track on the EP is “Lit” and it’s an all-out assault. Hi I’m Ghost comes out hard and heavy, balancing the more apocalyptic tendencies within Dubstep with the more foundational and subtle dub Reggae styles. The hardcore ragamuffin within will rage to this one.

“Flo” is designed specifically to nail your sanity to wall. Hi I’m Ghost returns to the primary components of dub again, here, with an infectious section of raga lyricism. Immediately noticeable is the bounced-up bass line that carries a screaming synth construction through the track. Hi I’m Ghost toggles between multiple drum samples within the track, settling on a groovy AF trap section. The detailed sound designs within the track are delightful and work in service of the wall of sound Hi I’m Ghost achieves. This is a gnarly festival banger.

Next up is “Misery”, and it’s with this track that Hi I’m Ghost proves his melody-making prowess. It’s undeniable he has a firm grasp of classic musicality, and it comes through with Misery. Large and sweeping in its scope, the track moves back and forth from the euphoric to the savage—perfect for the kind of severe mental onslaught any DJ wishes to put upon a head banging audience.

That kind of musical ethos is perfected in “Halfway”. Hi I’m Ghost takes a Hard Trap approach but welds it against a classic Dubstep beat giving the track a distinct and unique sound. The ethereal vocalism floating over the top of the track adds to the euphoria, but like “Misery”, the track goes wild quickly. For anyone looking for a new sound, this is it.

Tracklisting for Hi Friends:

  1. Hi I’m Ghost – “Lit”
  2. Hi I’m Ghost – “Flo”
  3. Hi I’m Ghost – “Misery”
  4. HI I’m Ghost – “Halfway”


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