(Los Angeles) August 11, 2015 There’s a maxim we throw around the Firepower Records headquarters: There’s no such thing as too much Firepower.

So, what do you do when you have a surplus of sonic weaponry ready to go? You bundle it all together and light it up. And that’s exactly what we did with these four choice tracks from artists fresh to Firepower Records. This collection exhibits our desire for the deeper, minimal, less mainstream and more underground sounds, and it challenges listeners to think twice about entrenching so hard in any particular part of the Bass music spectrum. We are therefore proud to announce the much anticipated 2nd volume of our Flatline Compilation.

Starting off the compilation is bass music phenom Ponicz with his track “Pump This”. But with the amount of filth this track packs you’d never know he’s a newcomer. With a perfect selection of dirty-talking samples and a swampy, grimey beat structure, Ponicz unleashes a rage-ready banger. Vyill ups the vocal sample game by a long shot with “Dangerous Games” featuring OmegaMode. The track turns the audience into voyeurs peering into a secret world that is strange yet familiar. As the vocal sample moves through the introduction of the song, the beat builds, and it seems like it’s our own heartbeat racing in our hiding spot afraid of being caught. But the synth arrangements are superbly constructed it’s not long before the beat drops and our heads are banging.

Audiowrx comes through with “Clockwrx”, a scorching Dubstep weapon that fits into any bass heavy set. The track bounces through a sinister synth topline before suddenly upping the BPM’s. It’s a good move and induces rabid states of rage on anyone in its path. Dr. Ozi keeps the BPMs high and the pressure on with “Pollux”. The track features a clever DnB trip beat that changes the way audiences feel the groove of a bass track. It’s deliberately jarring, but it’s super dancey and increases the adrenaline of an already frenzied dancefloor.

The track listing for Flatline Vol. 2 is:

  1. Ponicz – “Pump This”
  2. Vyill – “Dangerous Games” (Feat. OmegaMode)
  3. Audiowrx – “Clockwrx”
  4. Dr. Ozi – “Pollux”

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