Los Angeles (February 16th) – Firepower Records is back with another massive Flatline Compilation, and, once again, the sonic weaponry assembled here proves the premise at the core of our philosophy: there’s no such thing as too much Firepower.

The question becomes “what do you do when you have a surplus of so much bass?” You bundle it all together and light it up. And that’s exactly what we did with these four choice tracks from some established firepower fam members and some artists fresh to the label. This collection exhibits our desire for the deeper, minimal, less mainstream and more underground sounds, and it challenges listeners to think twice about entrenching so hard in any particular part of the Bass music spectrum. We are therefore proud to announce the much anticipated 3rd volume of our Flatline Compilation.

Starting the compilation is a scorching VIP cut of “Recon” from two of Firepower’s most prolific producers—Protohype and PhaseOne. Chances are good you lost your mind to the original when it dropped on our Shellshock Legends compilation in May of last year. Turbocharge it, attach a jet engine to it, and you’ll come close to an idea of what this VIP might sound like. It’s all energy. Did you expect anything less from two of the most energetic producers in the bass music game?

It’s an honor to have Jarvis with us on the compilation. Last year, a call went out to remix Datsik’s global banger “Katana” from his Down 4 My Ninjas EP, and Jarvis answered the call in a fury we didn’t expect. “I’m on fire” showcases that talent. He displays an impressive range of production techniques, a clean vocal sample, and a diverse beat sequence. His synth layering shows a clear ear for musicianship, and his ability to construct a wall of sound makes this track festival ready right out the door. Expect big things from this up-and-comer.

We’re also stoked to have Zetta and 12th Hour with us on the compilation. “Ice Shield” is a heavy, buzzsaw-to-the-braincase track loaded to the max with enough audio ammo to re-calibrate even the most advanced soundsystems. Eerie and sinister, the track is a foot to the throat that only let’s up enough to let you breathe before it slams you again.

Krimer rounds out the compilation with “Bone Crusher”. We’ve been waiting a long time to get Krimer’s music out to the world, and given the insanity this track brings, the wait was worth it. The beat is frenetic yet fluid, never at ease with settling in. The synth is playfully aggressive, a kind of masochistic impulse that hurts so good. There’s a creative mind at work here, and the unique sound designs show a producer pushing the barriers of bass music.

The tracklist for Flatline Vol. 3 is:

  1. Protohype and PhaseOne – “Recon” (VIP)
  2. Jarvis – “I’m on Fire”
  3. Zetta and 12th Hour – “Ice Shield”
  4. Krimer – “Bone Crusher”


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