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(Los Angeles) November 9th Firepower Records is thrilled to announce the release of EH!DE’s forthcoming Redemption EP on December 4th, and although EH!DE has unleashed some massive tracks with us recently, this is his first solo EP for Firepower Records. It’s a revealing project for EH!DE; the EP has allowed him to focus on perfecting his craft and exploring the outer limits of his production talents. Given the pure skill he’s packed into it, he’s more than proved his place on the Firepower roster.

Leading off the EP is “OLC”, and it’s with this track that EH!DE proves he deserves the future accolades he’s bound to receive. His musical impact on the keys is as impressive as his imaginative synth creations. The centerpiece of the track is obviously its soaring melody, but when the bottom drops out and the bass hits, all hell breaks loose. This kind of versatility is what sustains bass producers through long and successful careers.

Both “Uncontrolled” and “High Grade” wreck shop with EH!DE’s filthy take on the swampier side of Dub. But “Uncontrolled” reveals an artist hitting his stride. The track is expertly produced and heavily layered, which creates a huge, rich, and powerful wall of sound. The Synth arrangement is murderous but is balanced by a lighter melodic key progression. The beat itself is a soul-crushing steamroller that makes victims of even the most powerful sound systems. “High Grade” shares these elements, but re-focuses the listener on the sound designs we’ve come to love from EH!DE. Wubby and glitchy, the track attacks and doesn’t let up. Walter Wilde’s characteristic influences roll through heavy and clear. The result is a set-list weapon any Bass DJ shouldn’t be without.

Rounding out the EP is “Extermination”, and it places the listener in EH!DE’s musical frame of mind: dark, destructive, teetering on the precipice of an imagined dystopian future. The opening sequence is sinister and cinematic, and EH!DE’s combination of heavy orchestral strings and buzzsaw synth stabs cut right into the pleasure and pain centers of the brain. By toggling back and forth between a Drumstep and Drum and Bass beat structure, the track invites heavy doses of high octane dancing. Be ready to hear much more from EH!DE.

The tracklisting for Redemption is:

  1. EH!DE – “OLC”
  2. EH!DE & Walter Wilde – “High Grade”
  3. EH!DE – “Uncontralled”
  4. EH!DE – “Extermination”

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