LOS ANGELES (October 16, 2015) Firepower Records is set to release Dr. Ozi’s massive new EP My Friends Over You on November 6th, and it’s his best piece of work to date. With heavy support by the scene’s top dawgs and a ton of respect from all over the bass music universe, Dr. Ozi continues to push his technique to the limits. This EP is a pleasant exploration of the finer elements in bass music, and reveals a mind that’s hit its artistic and professional stride.

Dr. Ozi brings Spag Heddy on for “Frontier”. With his own recent release on Firepower Records, Spag Heddy works in his own unique sound to Dr. Ozi’s well-established sound palette. The production is tight and precise, and the mid-beat samples make the track pop. Add to that a driving synth arrangement with a catchy rolling top-line, and you’ve got a tune that will ignite any crowd, anywhere.

“Just a Bit” explores Dr. Ozi’s developing interest in the melodic. The track sets the tone with euphoric major key sound designs, but as soon as the build up peaks, he drops us back into his dirty, filthy world of grimy, grinding Dubstep.

With the creative prodding of Creation, “Flip” is Dr. Ozi at he most rambunctious. Fans of Dr. Ozi will recognize the familiar and frenetic synth sound structures that pulled him into the dance music spotlight. The track utilizes a pseudo-drum and bass trip beat, and the result is the sonic equivalent of a mosh pit.

If Dr. Ozi goes HAM with Creation, he’s on his best behavior with Twofold. Masters of the beautiful Dubstep ballad, Twofold collaborates with Dr. Ozi on “Over Me”. The track transcends to a higher level of cool, and it’s tracks like this that remind bass music fans how absolutely engrossing Dubstep can be when it forges together classical musicianship with a mastery of electronic music production techniques. “Over Me” is a perfect balance between the hard-as-nails head-banging festival ragers needed for complete catharsis and the hands-up rave worship music that makes us all remember why we love this scene so much.


The tracklist for My Friends Over You is:

  1. Dr. Ozi & Spag Heddy – “Frontier”
  2. Dr. Ozi – “Just a Bit”
  3. Dr. Ozi & Creation – “Flip”
  4. Dr. Ozi & Twofold – “Over Me”

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