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Los Angeles (August 21st, 2017) – Firepower Records is excited to announce the forthcoming release of Dack JanielsDackwoods EP, which drops September 8th. It’s an absolute crusher. This will be Dack’s second EP release with Firepower Records, and it surpasses the level of savagery he injected into his first EP with us, Swangin, which is saying a lot—Swangin was some top level filth. Dackwoods reveals a producer who has become a pioneer in multi genre bass production movements sweeping the game right now. With deep roots in Hip Hop and Rap, Dack Janiels brings us an EP that will fit into any festival set list, leaving major DJs across the world wondering how their set was ever any good without these tunes.

The EP begins with the title track, “Dackwoods”, and it’s a pulverizing trapstyle roller. A slicing synth construction leads the tune over the low rumbling bass. Dack Janiels has created a tune that is festival ready, but would also sound sick AF rolling down Sunset Blvd on the way to the next function.

“Slaughter” goes 0 to Riddim real quick, and as that beat proves it’s capacity to annihilate bass hungry fans around the globe, Dack Janiels pushes its evolution. By adding huge, heavy synth components and more modern bass constructions, the tune is a big and tasty slice of the future of what Riddim will be.

Protohype and Dack Janiels join forces for “Savage”, and all the hype surrounding the tune is real, and has been supported by Excision, Snails, Uber, and Subtronics. Both Dack and Protohype have played this tune out through this summer’s festival season, and the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. The sinister chord progression and west coast rap feel combines with Protohype’s stellar production prowess, and the result is a massive Dubstep anthem.

Squaring out the EP is “Extra Power”, and this is Dack Janiels’ attempt to KO the audience. Toggling between major trap styles and Dubstep beat constructions, the tune garners a complexity that allows for a major buildup and heavier drop. Dack Janiels builds in a wall of sound that puts the pressure on crowds and does not let up. It’s a dangerous tune, and for that reason, it should be used widely.


Tracklist for Dackwoods:

  1. Dack Janiels – “Dackwoods”
  2. Dack Janiels – “ Slaughter”
  3. Prothype & Dack Janiels – “Savage”
  4. Dack Janiels – “Extra Power”


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