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Los Angeles (April 4, 2016) – With a massively successful start to the year, Firepower Records is stoked to keep the momentum going with a solid release of From Fairies to Fire by bass bombardier and label newcomer Chime. Hailing from Leeds in the UK, this 21 year old has positioned himself as a formidable contender in the bass music world’s young elite. On May 27th, we plan to prove that to you.

The EP begins with “Catch Up”, and it’s immediately clear why Chime stands alone in the current rank and file of Bass producers. In Chime’s world, melody is king, and he has mastered the art of balancing the euphoric and uplifting synth arrangements with face-melting buzzsaw sections. “Catch Up’ successfully showcases the diversity and range of his musical IQ. The sounds he has discovered are obscure, but they work perfectly. He arranges those sounds into beautiful harmonies, revealing the complexity of his sound design. “Operator”, the second track on the EP, incorporates both the lighter synth flutterings and flourishes Chime is so versed in creating and a series of wicked low and mid level growls. The result is a clashing of forces that forges a kind of musical sweet spot worth losing your mind to.

Ethereal” is the gem on the EP. The track employs a deep and swampy beat structure with an arsenal of synth artillery. But listen closer. Chime’s attention to detail and his unrivalled ability to layer in euphoric elements with darker growls and stabs create a wall of sound designed to rattle the very souls of those lucky enough to be on the dance floor to experience it. Mid way through, though, Chime switches the beat structure to a glitch hop style, rolling a heavy sub bass underneath. This gives the listener just enough time to catch their breath before slamming them again with the bone crushing Swamp.

“From Fairies to Fires”, the title track of the EP, takes off at a thousand miles and never slows down. If ever there was an “Amen” track—the kind of track that makes the audience raise their hands skyward and proclaim the glories of bass—it’s this one. Dance music has always been a sort of cleansing experience. With this track, Chime gives us a chance to be reborn through the fire of his production prowess.

Check out this killer interview with Chime on UKF, and stream the title track “From Fairies To Fire”:


The Tracklisting for From Fairies To Fire is:

  1. Chime – “Catch Up”
  2. Chime – “Operator”
  3. Chime – “Ethereal”
  4. Chime – “From Fairies To Fire”

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