LOS ANGELES (November 5, 2015) Bear Grillz might be having the best year ever. His track “Fuck Off”, which was produced as a collaborative project between him and Datsik, has charted on the Beatport Dubstep Top Ten for nearly 6 months, and held the number 1 spot for almost as long. From Datsik’s earth shattering Ninja Nation Tour to Excision’s upcoming Paradox tour, Bear Grillz is routinely crushing the biggest tour cycles of bass music’s biggest badasses.

Today, we are so stoked to announce the forthcoming release of Bear Grillz and Getter’s “EDM” remixed on November 27th, and the roster of talent that signed up for remixing duties is insane.

The Remixed collection contains four tracks, starting with a VIP cut of “EDM”. With heavy rotations on the club and festival circuits, the VIP pulls the original apart and reassembles it using a rounder, deeper, and more sustained sub-bass. The synth arrangement is focused and refined, and an added sinister melody cruises over the top. The result a super-clean version of the track that rolls crowds over before they even know what hits them.

Firepower’s main Dawg Protohype comes through with a massive take on “EDM”. Protohype has been busy pushing his style to the edges of the bass music universe, and that experimentation pays off here. The track toggles between Trap structures and traditional Dubstep influences, but it’s also a glimpse to the future of a non-genre bass music world. There’s at once a decidedly gangster Rap feel to the synth design, but the track returns to the high frequency, skull shattering stabs that drive audiences crazy.

Rounding out Remixed is the all-powerful Kennedy Jones. His motto is NeverNot, and his remix of “EDM” proves that, when it comes to inventiveness and innovation in the realms of dance floor destruction, he’s NeverNot on the cutting edge. This remix is nothing but Peak Set madness, the nuclear option, the red button, the 11th hour move towards audience annihilation. Kennedy Jones puts everything he’s got into his projects, and he leaves nothing out. This track goes full force, utilizing Trap beat structures and matching it against and mind-numbing synth design. It’s ballsy to say the least, but by taking his synth supersonic, he’s making a stand on his All-or-Nothing NeverNot Philosophy.

The Tracklisting for EDM Remixed is:

  1. Bear Grillz & Getter – “EDM”
  2. Bear Grillz & Getter – “EDM” (VIP)
  3. Bear Grillz & Getter – “EDM” (Protohype Remix)
  4. Bear Grillz & Getter – “EDM” (Kennedy Jones Remix)

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