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Los Angeles (July 17th, 2017) – Firepower Records is excited to announce the release of the rapidly rising dance music production wizards Bandlez new EP, The Heist. Although this EP is set to drop August 4th, the tunes have already stolen hearts and have broken onto the biggest festival stages on the planet. It was love at first listen for the Firepower Records boss, Datsik. One of the tunes on the EP, “Bing Bong”, has remained a staple in his set list for some time now. If you were at EDC Las Vegas, maybe you even engaged in some vociferous headbanging as Datsik dropped the track amidst fireballs and lazer beams. Bandlez have an immensely successful future ahead of them, and we couldn’t be happier to cultivate them into the bass music bandits we know they will be.

First up is “The Anthem”, and listeners are immediately introduced to the superb audio engineering know-how these boys possess. The intro is intense and cycles through numerous classic and newer bass music themes. The drop hits, and the Bandlez fly out of the gate. With sections of the tune toggling between modern dubstep and riddim constructions, the tune ratchets up a wickedly complex wall of sound. The tune reaches its climax at a frenetic pace but then resolves into a beautiful melodic section—a clever decision for such a heavy tune.

Following “The Anthem” is “Keep It Trill”. Again, the Bandlez prove their musical talents with a euphoric melodic intro. As the beat drops, the tune breaks into a Drumstep beat construction and a more focused synth-and-stab format takes over. But the marquee section of the tune appears when it breaks down into a dual trap-moombah beat. The result is an extremely danceable section. Moombah has a way of eliciting all that sexiness from the body and translates it into body movement.

Datsik has had “Bing Bong” operating in his set list for a while, setting it loose on audiences around the world. One listen to the tune and it’s clear why this is one of his go-to tunes: it’s equal parts heavy AF and light and playful. One of the track’s defining components is a scorching static and sub-bass pairing designed for the creation of filthy bass faces. Just when you think you’ve got the track dialed, it breaks into a modern dubstep headbanger. The duality of the tune makes it extremely versatile in any set list.

“Bubba Bounce” sounds like the name. Utilizing a Bounce and Moombah rhythm, the tune channels a lot of energy into the hip area of a dancing body. This is a “grab your rave date and grind” type of tune. To the Bandlez Credit, they’ve locked onto the idea that even bass music is dance music, and if we aren’t dancing then what are doing?

Rounding out the EP is “Run That Shit”. The playful side of the Bandlez comes through in the punchy intro, but like any bandit, they’re capable of deception. The drop hits, and the track breaks into headbang territory. Your hands are up, you’re on the floor, and the Bandlez are pilfering your pockets for valuables. By the time the track ends, you don’t know what hit you.

Tracklisting for The Heist:

  1. Bandlez – “The Anthem”
  2. Bandlez – “Keep It Trill”
  3. Bandlez – “Bing Bong”
  4. Bandlez – “Bubba Bounce”
  5. Bandlez – “Run That Shit”

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