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Los Angeles (August 29th, 2017) – Firepower Records will release Andromulus’ scorching new EP Loud In the Streets on September 15th, and that will be the day a new dance music behemoth accelerates his journey towards the upper echelons of the world’s elite producers. With a taste for mixing sweeping cinematic soundscapes with straight pulverizing synth and wobble sections, Loud in the Streets is an excellent example of the kind of potential Andromulus has within in him. This EP is all energy.

First on the EP is “Seismic”, and it’s earth-shattering. A big generous beat pushes the track forward, and a filthy synth construction rumbles over the top. But the most damaging part of the tune comes from the sped up, hands-in-the-air musical feeding frenzy halfway through. This is a festival ready track that will buckle knees and topple the speaker towers.

“On The Road To Hell” takes us back to the days of dance music where Electro House reigned supreme. Andromulus engineers an all-out shuffling anthem here, and it’s hard not to lose your shit to the tune’s massively intoxicating bounce. This track adds an excellent level of diversity to the EP overall, and Andromulus proves, again, that even the best bass sets can benefit from a BPM Shake up.

Andromulus begins “Phantom” with a world beat style, but it does not stay that way long. Phantom is a blueprint for how to create bass music into the future. With significant changeups in genre, style, and tone, the track becomes a call to producers everywhere to innovate. “Phantom” is an old school party tune in a new form, and when played out at a festival’s main stage, the results will include copious amounts of face melting, hip swiveling, and booty shaking.

Squaring up the EP is the title track “Loud in the Streets”. With an already magnificently complex and diverse EP, this track bounces energetically from future trap, to Dubstep, to a supremely head-nodic hip hop section. This tune is a certified crowd pleaser, and it’s a festival set weapon. With trends in live sets edging towards genre mixing, “Loud in the Streets” is a great track to diversify without bringing audiences out of the flow.

Track list for Loud in the Streets:

  1. Andromulus – “Seismic”
  2. Andromulus – “On the Road to Hell”
  3. Andromulus – “Phantom”
  4. Andromulus – “ Loud in the Streets”


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