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Los Angeles (July 27, 2016) Firepower Records is set to release AFK’s forthcoming Disconnected EP on August 19th, and we couldn’t be more stoked. “Death Gun”, his most recent release with Firepower, was one of the most demanded tracks on this year’s Kamikaze Compilation. The dude can throw down, and this EP is red meat for any die-hard bass music fan. In celebration of the event, AFK is throwing in his remix of “Pressure” as a free download. DJs all over the planet have been pumping the track, and now you can have it all to yourself!

Starting the EP is “Gleam Eyes”. AFK has always experimented with different modes of self-expression in his music, and that is clear here. A playful and whimsical key section leads into a filthy drop and nastier buzzsaw synth. The two components, seemingly opposite, compliment each other while messing with the listener’s sanity. By moving into “Coffin” featuring Crichy Crich, AFK shows a harder, grittier side. Crichy Crich’s swagger AF attitude makes the track a good mid set heater that will have crowds busy on the dance floor.

“Too Late” gets real sinister real fast. A heavy rolling bassline marches hard underneath a murderous synth arrangement, breaking just enough to build a drop that will melt faces into little puddles of human. But it’s with “Unshakeable” that AFK shows the extent of his production prowess. The featured vocals float angelically through the track, carried along by a beautifully euphoric melody. But as AFK moves into the harder elements of the song, the vibe moves into headbang territory and doesn’t look back. This is a peak hour track to have ready to roll in any serious DJ’s set.

The Tracklisting for Disconnected is:

  1. AFK – “Gleam Eyes”
  2. AFK – “Coffin” ft. Crichy Crich
  3. AFK – “Too Late”
  4. AFK – “Unshakeable”


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