Los Angeles (August 17th, 2016) Firepower Records will release 12th Hour’s scorching new EP The Return on September 9th, and it follows hot on the heels of his mind-numbing collaboration, “Ice Shield”, with Zetta, which was released on our Flatline Volume 3 Compilation earlier this year. 12th Hour’s story is one of pure perseverance. As a young producer, it was his ultimate ambition to release with Firepower Records. He worked closely with Datsik, the Firepower Records Boss, receiving feedback and notes. 12th Hour took those notes very seriously, and he refined his craft. Now, we are happy to say, that The Return EP is pure heat, and represents how never giving up leads to the achievement of a dream.

Starting the EP is “Countdown”, and it crushes. It’s all energy and every beat explodes like an audio atom bomb. The lead in to the track hooks the listener with a sinister melody that dances through the braincase, but not for long; the buildup pulls us into a drop that would kick start any festival set. 12th Hour shows of his love of the melody with “Get This Money”, as well. But as the track breaks down and the beat drops, the growls and rollers take over, and it’s all filth from there on out.

“Oblivion” shows 12th Hour’s range of influences, and, as a result, the track benefits from how dynamic it is. Swampy at times, straight Dub at others, the track pulses with a kind of head-nodic vibe that makes for an extremely listenable headphone banger. Finally, the EP rounds out with “The Return”, and if the delayed double drop doesn’t blast you, the murderous synth arrangement will. It’s a hell of a way to bookend an EP of this caliber, and with the fall festivals dead ahead, “The Return” is a must have weapon in your festival set.

The tracklisting for The Return is:

  1. 12th Hour – “Coutdown”
  2. 12th Hour – “Get This Money”
  3. 12th Hour – “Oblivion”
  4. 12th Hour – “The Return”

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