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dubstep pioneer DATSIK is amassing an army.

His record label, FIREPOWER, began infiltrating electronic dance music with an arsenal of club-razing tracks in early 2012.  Just like the artist’s own catalog, the brand specializes in incisive, infectious, and incendiary art. With speakers blaring and guns blazing, the assault is fully underway.

For DATSIK, FIREPOWER stands out as an extension of his revered and applauded musical persona. “I come from the dark, hip hop-influenced side of dubstep, and I’m trying to create a haven for that style,” he explains. “There are all of these incredible young producers on the rise. I want to elevate them and promote them. If I’m playing a track in my set, I’m likely to sign it and release it. Those are my guidelines, and FIREPOWER‘s dance floor ammunition is my contribution to the EDM world.”

The label began formally contributing to that landscape with the release of AFK & Hizzleguy‘s ten-song EP, Full Clip. Unveiled in February 2012 on iTunes and Beatport, the collection solidified FIREPOWER as an explosive force to be reckoned with. Shortly after, the second signing Getter dropped the razor sharp Psycho EP. Other acts that make up the roster include Barron, Rekoil, Terravita, The Frim, and DATSIK himself. With tours planned under the label banner and more music on the horizon, they’re well on their way to domination.

It’s also a D.I.Y. outfit in the truest sense of the word. Truly embracing “21st century A&R,” the C.E.O. has openly accepted music via AIM and email, meeting prospective artists from around the world online and then incorporating their music into his own live show.

“Most of the kids on the label are young bloods,” he goes on. “They’re killing it at the moment. They’re the future, and it’s exciting to be a part of that. They’re also a family, and they all collaborate and remix each other’s stuff. It’s like a militia of nasty dubstep kids, but it’s not about one genre either. I want to sign whatever wrecks the dance floor.”

DATSIK‘s specialty is wrecking the dance floor. Barely out of high school, the Canadian artist and producer inked a deal with Excision’s Rottun Recordigs. He released a series of successful singles and EPs and rose to prominence as a leader of the underground dubstep scene in North America. After collaborating with the legendary Korn on The Path of Totality, he toured the U.S. with the group. Then, 2012 saw him release his proper full-length debut, Vitamin D, via Dim Mak Records and featuring the epic single “Evilution” [Featuring Jonathan Davis of Korn & Infected Mushroom]. However, founding a label has always been part of his plan.

Now, it’s just about building an entity that will last and a brand the audience believes in. “I want fans to put their trust in me,” he affirms. “I want them to anticipate every release. It’s important they know when we’re putting out a track or EP it’s going to be a smasher.”

Ultimately, DATSIK and FIREPOWER stand primed to blow the doors open for a whole new movement in EDM. He smiles, “I want the world to know the FIREPOWER army is an elite group of sick producers. We’re like a special squad of super terminator soldiers, and we’ll be blowing up dance floors around the globe.”