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Los Angeles (September 12th, 2018) – Firepower Records is set to release The Brig’s Drunken Master EP, and we couldn’t be more stoked to share his unique vision of bass music with the world. A self-described Russian electro-Swashbuckler supremo, the Brig’s talent for deconstructed melodic bass music opens the doors to a range of innovative opportunities in music design. And this EP is just freaking fun to headbang to.

The title track, “Drunken Master”, pops off with an old school hip hop beat and a fun melodic topline, but it’s all in the service of the buildup. When the tune drops into headbang territory, the beat has already infected you. The Brig’s ability to shift up the beat constructions is a gift, and the tune offers the listener a different kind of dancefloor experience.

“Weather Control” pumps with all the force of a monsoon. Set against the backdrop of re-constructed Riddim roller, The Brig builds in a massive wall of sound that pours down on the listener without remorse. The melody is lofty and euphoric at times and offers up a chance to headbang with a massive smile on your face.

The third track off the EP is “High Noon”, and, again, The Brig reveals his love of splicing classic dance music beats together. And it works perfectly. The tone is set early with a sampling of an old school hip hop rhythm, but as the tune builds it’s clear The Brig will send this into a Bass House Rager. The wide range of beat selections in the track ensures the listener will go off in a major way.

Squaring off the EP is “Desert Ride”. The Brig offers up a more complete musical composition here, and by focusing on his melodic chops the track grows into a massive festival stage weapon. Supported by a big and bouncy beat, “Desert Ride” promises to raise arms skyward and break necks at the same time.


The tracklisting for The Brig is:

  1. The Brig – “Drunken Master”
  2. The Brig – “Weather Control”
  3. The Brig – “High Noon”
  4. The Brig – “Desert Ride”


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