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Los Angeles (May 8th, 2018) – Firepower Records is set to release Chime’s forthcoming Featherweight EP on May 25th, just in time for the onslaught of summer festivals. Chime’s meteoric rise through the ranks of Bass Music’s heavy hitters is the result of a tireless commitment to artistic expansion and innovation. And now he’s found his niche in “Colour Bass”—a self identified sub genre of bass music characterized by the colorfully diverse flourishes of intense, often euphoric, melody Chime so masterfully engineers into his tunes. Listen closely and you’ll hear slices of his favorite video game sounds forming the core of his colorful production designs. The result is a colossally satisfying listening experience and, more importantly, an even bigger thrill whilst headbanging to the tunes on the dancefloor.

The first tune on the EP is “Featherweight” and it’s a perfect marquee track to demonstrate the power of color bass. Chime undergirds the tune with a massive Riddim roller designed to pulverize your guts. But as the bass rolls on, a colorful melody containing bits of sound reminiscent of your favorite childhood video games builds into a forceful wall of sound that presses our souls into submission. Chime also laces the track with a Piano section revealing his musicality.

Lost Vegas, the new alias of Tyler from the Bad Catholics, joins Chime for “Damage”, and it hits. By establishing a cinematic soundscape early, the listener is hooked with no chance of escape. When the drops hit, you’ve already given your sanity away, and the headbanging comes easy. But all that’s before the climax of the tune. Chime and Lost Vegas slam us with a herculean synth construction that pushes a wall of sound so profound we are left as puddles on the floor.

“Smokescreen” is another example of Chime’s ability to balance the deep dark elements of Bass Music with the colorfully melodic. The tune is a scorcher. It’s chaotic in all the right places and features one of the nastiest growls around. Chime does lift us up, though, even if it’s just to drop us again.

Squaring out the EP is “Missingno”, but this is no glitch. As a homage to the infamous programming error and beloved species of character in the Pokemon video games, “Missingno” features some choice audio samples which Chime builds into the core of the tune. Much like the glitch itself, this track may have you self-replicating out on the dancefloor.


The tracklisting for Featherweight is:

  1. Chime – “Featherweight”
  2. Chime & Lost Vegas – “Damage”
  3. Chime – “Smokescreen”
  4. Chime – “Missingno”


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