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Firepower Records is ecstatic to introduce Obscenity & 8er$’scollaboration EP, ‘Cereal Killers,’ out on September 6th. The two budding producers are on the brink of domination, each bringing their own distinct approach to music production to create a force to be reckoned.  Both tracks feature lyrical wizard DOP3 MCand these three artists make an unstoppable combination that results in a bass-lovers dream!

Kicking off the project, the title track “Cereal Killers” showcases energetic vocals by DOP3 MC that serve as a perfect introduction to Obscenity and 8er$’s talents in the form of a wonky bassline that flexes right from the get-go.  Then the infectious rhythm gravitates towards the prominent gnarly growls that serve up a hearty dose of brain-rattling buzz to keep you rockin’ from start to finish. Next up, “Rookies”steps up to bat to close out the EP proper while switching things up with a bass house vibe that comes correct. Once again, DOP3 MC serves the perfect vocals to get listeners eased into the mix and ready for action. Don’t get too comfortable though, things quickly take a turn in the form of an infectious bassline aimed to get those feet steppin’.


The tracklisting for ‘Cereal Killers’ EP is:

  1. Obscenity & 8er$ – “Cereal Killers” (feat. DOP3 MC)
  2. Obscenity & 8er$ – “Rookies” (feat. DOP3 MC)


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