Los Angeles (February 15th, 2018) – Firepower Records is set to release Carbin’s The Formula EP on March 1st, just in time for his turn supporting Datsik on his massive Ninja Nation 2018 tour as it sweeps across the U.S. There’s been a lot of attention centered on Carbin recently. He put out “GOMD” featuring Trvma on Firepower’s Flatline Compilation Volume 6 in June of last year, which woke both major Bass Artists and audiences to a new force on the block. That November, he would collaborate with AFK to produce “Boss”, which is quickly becoming one of the most iconic Riddim rollers on the planet. Carbin is at the top of his class, and he’s here to bang your head.

Starting the EP is “League” featuring Datsik, and it’s a full-on audio assault. The tune leads in with a sinister buildup and drops straight into the purifying fires a bass fueled inferno. As the track cycles through various inventive beat structures, the alternating sound designs pioneered by both Carbin and Datsik engage with each other. The experience is like listening to two phenom musicians taking turns showing audiences the range of their musical potential. The result is a tune that is always reshaping itself into bigger and bigger drops.

“Twenty-2-Life” is Carbin at his most formidable. With a euphoric topline initiating the track and a powerful sub bass rumbling guts underneath, this future classic riddim roller is designed to leave audiences in puddles. Carbin’s notorious synth stabs only feeds the frenzy, and his wall-of-sound design technique ensures a total immersion in the tune. Carbin knows exactly what he wants to do, always has, and an even more acute sense of how he wants the audience to react. “Twenty-2-Life” is study in crowd control.

Next up is “Not Your ID”, and like “Twenty-2-Life” it pumps from the bottom to the top. A heavy sub-bass undergirds the tune, carrying it along like a deep ocean swell. Carbin sustains the wave with expertly arranged synth structures and layering designs that fill the entirety of the tune. As the track crashes onto audiences on the dance floor, they’re swept away into bass bliss.

“All Night”, featuring the crown prince of bass music lyricism, Armanni Reign, slows the flow of the EP down for a sexy trap-hop hybrid. Booties will drop, and as Carbin invites us to shed our often restricted day-time personas for the creative potential of our ratchet rave avatars, we’re reminded about the importance of getting deep, down, and low.

Ending the EP is “City Lights”, and it’s a gorgeous euphoric treatment of bass-hybrid theory. Similar to “All Night”, Carbin slows the dance floor down and centers the energy of the tune on the groove centers of our consciousness. These last two tunes reveal a musical intelligence that outstretches the frame of the genres in which Carbin produces. His range is unlimited and his style is impeccable, and both characteristics will carry Carbin into the upper echelons of Bass Music’s hall of heros very soon.


The Tracklisting for The Formula is:

  1. Carbin – “League” (feat. Datsik)
  2. Carbin – “Twenty-2-Life”
  3. Carbin – “Not Your ID”
  4. Carbin – “All Night” (feat. Armanni Reign)
  5. Carbin – “City Lights”


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