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Firepower Records is set to release the Extra Terra & PsoGnar “Bedrock” remixes which features some hardcore arrangements by Nasko and Evilwave. Both artists have plowed through the bass music scene, leaving a trail of filthy tunes in their wake. “Bedrock” was already a powerful bass canon when it was released in August, but with these two artists on remix duty, the track enters a new level rage no one could have predicted.

Extra Terra and PsoGnar’s collaborative track “Bedrock” is a phenomenal fusion of hard-as-nails vocalism with a filthy Riddim roller. Extra Terra leads the tune with a spacey topline that launches almost immediately into a gut-punishing sonic hyperloop.

Nasko uses his production prowess to smooth the tune out a bit, adding a contemporary rap section that reforms the track into a major mood. But it doesn’t last long. Nasko cranks the heat up, and a heavy bass section pummels the mellow vibe. As with Nasko, Evilwave makes mincemeat of the original by loading the track with an apocalyptic wall-of-sound. The cornerstone of “Bedrock” is the vocal swordplay, which both artists pay homage to by installing as the focus of their remixes. Evilwave, though, has little patience for formalities and injects a heavy metal section that screeches through your cranium. If you aren’t a puddle of rave goo by the time these tracks are done with you, then it wasn’t loud enough.


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