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Firepower Records is excited to introduce JackELand $pace adet’s newest collaboration “Bass Race” out on March 29th, 2019! Hailing from the town of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, JackEL began his creative journey at the young age of ten, playing the guitar, drums, and bass before picking up DJing at the age of 14. Since then, he’s traveled around the globe spreading his love of bass music with loyal fans from all walks of life, while mastering his craft in production, and boy has it paid off. Joining, JackEL on this track is budding producer $pace adet, and though he’s fairly new to the scene, he’s coming full steam ahead and ready to cause some serious damage. Raised in the underground music scene in the UK, $pace adet quickly became inspired with a love for bass music and all things heavy. Now based in LA, he’s ready to take his career to the next level. Together, this team proves they can really hold their own on this bass drenched masterpiece aptly titled “Bass Race”.

Right from the start the ambient, minimalistic beat opening up “Bass Race” immediately piques interest with listeners before introducing a groovy drum kick that quickly builds anticipation for whats coming next. Then, like a sucker punch to the gut a deep, wonky bassline emerges, offering a sonic experience that hits right in the sweet spot. The minimalistic drum kick makes a mark once more allowing things to settle before JackEL and $pace adet take things up a notch with a reworked, hardstyle inspired second drop that turns up the energy in the best way possible.

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