Zack The Lad


Zack The Lad, the mysterious and elusive British producer currently re-envisioning the way we experience Dance Music, shares a deep history with dance music. To judge his success simply based on the number of releases would lead listeners to believe he’s a newcomer to the scene, but that would not explain his deep influence on some of Bass Music’s biggest producers. His skill is refined, his technique precise—clear indications of an intelligent artistic mind sharpened by years of experience with the craft of dance music production. Last year, Datsik selected Zack The Lad’s tune “Skin” to feature on UKF’s Tune of the Month series. “I’ve been really feeling his stuff,” Datsik says. “The vibes are on another level. To put it simply, Zack The Lad is one of the only artists I have on my iPod right now.” As the genre rapidly evolves and changes, Zack The Lad has capitalized by re-focusing on the emotional side of Bass. His track “Mek Dem” caught the attention of the international bass music community, and every production since then has increased both his notoriety and respect. 2016 promises to be a massive year for Zack the Lad. With an EP scheduled to drop on the heavyweight label Firepower Records in January, this is just the beginning of dance music’s relationship the transcendent side of Bass.