Adam Crewes- Meyer // Adam McKinney // Brighton, UK // San Francisco, CA

Twofold are a brand new dance music act brought to you by Static Function & Vannin. Hailing from Brighton (UK) & San Francisco (US) respectively, they certainly bring their own individual inspirations to the table.

“We both felt that we wanted to push our music in the same direction” Vannin tells us. “Our collaborations under our other aliases were really fun and we were really pleased with the results we got. So when we both decided we wanted to make a variety of genres, the logical step was to create a new project”.

The pair state that their new project isn’t primarily about genres, stating that they would be experimenting with all reaches of the Electronic Dance Music spectrum. “If a track contains the energy that get’s a club moving, then I don’t think it matters too much what the genre is” Static Function says. So far the duo have made Electro, Moombahcore, Drumstep, and Dubstep.

So what can we expect to hear from them? Twofold’s tracks have been described as ‘high energy, innovative club smashers’. But as with most things, you’ll really have to hear it to get a sense of it for yourself…