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Russian born producer “The Brig” has long been known in the dubstep scene for his powerful and ever evolving sound. He first got his start in 2014 with his heavy hitting “Mutiny” EP that was remixed by artists such as Barely Alive. He then quickly signed with Most Addictive Records and released another EP that solidified him as a standout artist in the bass scene. He’s since remixed artists such as Fox Stevenson and MYLK and even provided an exclusive guest mix for the Most Addictive Music Launch Party. The Brig continually displays his flawless ability to conquer any genre of electronic after coining his own “Piratestep” genre that has since become his staple sound. However, as a producer a genre has never contained The Brig and he has released tracks spanning from house, trap, electro, and good old fashion dubstep! Recently, he unleashed a compilation of his best tracks over the years paired with a standout track “The King is Back” that has been one of Most Addictive’s hottest played releases of the year. With well over a million cumulative plays on Soundcloud, The Brig is an artist who will continue to generate waves in the electronic scene.