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Seroquel prices, Seroquel buy on line

Tha Trickaz spreads Bass all around the world, the duo from Paris, France is composed by Pho (Dirtyphonics) and Dj iRaize (Tha New Team).

Their sound is an hybrid and futuristic combination of Bass music, Hip-hop, Trap, Epic orchestras, Anime and Soundtrack influences. The 2 producers have a distinct tone that allowed them to produce Lps, Eps, remixes & collabs for many labels (Ninja Tunes, Cassius records, Kannibalen, Play me, Chinese man records…) and to work with artists such as Cassius, Dope D.O.D, DJ Kentaro, Wax Tailor, Chinese Man, Tha Alkaholiks, Lords of the Underground and many more.

Their show is a unique experience : By playing heavy beats on pads, rumbling basses on synths, samples & scratches on turntables, Tha Trickaz redefines the concept of Live in Electronic Music. The 2 masked producers use their machines like real instruments and always drive the crowds crazy !

The group played over 200 concerts in the past 3 years, including events and festivals such as the “Quicksilver Tony Hawk Show”, Dour festival, Solidays Garorock, and even 4 tours in Asia. They shared the stage with major acts such as Wu Tang Clan, Noisia, Bloody Beetroots, Mr Oizo, Foreign Beggars, Gramatik, Deltron 3030, Riff Raff, Action Bronson…

In November 2013, Tha Trickaz created their own Free music label : Otodayo Records : Travelling between Bass music, Trap, Future beats, Hip-Hop and other Electronic genres, 9 Eps have been released and many others are about to come soon !

The group has just released an official remix of the hit “I Got That Tune” by Chinese man and Shoryuken , a featuring with Dj Kentaro . Many other featuring with  Apashe , Antiserum, and 12th Planet  will be released in the next few month

Stay tuned, big things are coming !