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“Dominating the bass music scene for nearly a decade, Terravita has run the gamut when it comes to crowd-smashing, mind-melting electronic music.  From the days of Drum & Bass to the era of contemporary Dubstep, Trap and everything in-between, Terravita know no limits when it comes to crafting the most staggering, bone-jarring bangers around.  From their industry-leading sound-design to the razor-honed precision of their drums, Terravita are undeniable experts at their craft, and will inevitably remain so for many years to come.” –

With a career spanning a decade Terravita has seen several musical incarnations.  The trio made up of Chris Barlow, Matt Simmers and front man/ MC Jon Spero has remained at the forefront of bass culture through the years.  Beginning with Drum & Bass releases on Technique recordings and hits like their remix of “Drowning” they evolved to Dubstep dominance with Drumstep hits like “Up In The Club”, “The Beat Goes On” and “Lords & Ladies” that helped define the subgenre.  The current incarnation of Terravita is now beyond categorization, infusing the sounds of hip hop, rock and jazz into trap, dubstep, drum & bass and everything in between, leading the way for others to follow.  On April 1st 2014, the band released their first full length LP on Firepower Records, “Rituals”, which contained the hits “Bach Off”, “We Are Alive” and “Losing Control”, a collaboration with Datsik.  Since releasing Rituals and completing a headlining tour of the same name, Terravita released the “Fuel To The Fire” EP containing the hits “Endangered Species” and “Make Em Say Ugh” and was the only artist on every date of the 2014 Safe In Sound Festival tour.   Not slowing down in 2015, Terravita has released the “Gunpowder” EP, and completed an extremely successful 40+ date headlining tour of the same name, followed by festival performances at Global Dance Festival Red Rocks, Shambhala & Imagine.  Terravita is also the first ever, Resident DJ on the 2015 Safe In Sound Festival, which will tour over 25 markets this fall.  Be on the lookout for Terravita’s new 2 part LP “Alternate Reality”, with part 1 releasing in early September and pt 2 in January with a tour to follow!