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Pharmacy Seroquel, Seroquel online prescription

Jonathan Shulman, aka, Proper Villains has been blowing up dance floors with his unique take on bass music since the days of lugging crates of vinyl to raves & loft parties in the Guiliani era late 90’s/early 2000’s. His name is synonymous with a distinctly New York sensibility, aggressive yet accessible. He seamlessly blends elements of underground sounds like dubstep, electro-house & moombahton with hip-hop & just a smattering of pop music, giving his DJ sets a “Holy @#$%, did he really just do that?!?!?” quality that keeps him in high demand.

A seasoned producer & multi-instrumentalist, his first break came in 2008 when his single “Trick Baby” was featured on “The Black Ghosts mixtape”. This lead to releases on Southern Fried, Nightshifters, Flamin’ Hotz & Play Me records, as well as remixes for The Stereo MCs, Ninjasonik, Cubic Zirconia, Dirty Disco Youth & Theophilus London.

Before every Top 40 song had a dubstep breakdown, Proper Villains’ hit remix of the Cataracs’ “Bass Down Low” was smuggling wobble onto to the airwaves of Power 106 in LA and Hot 97 in NYC. An in demand remixer, in 2011 he produced remixes for major label artists Enrique Iglesias, Dev, Havana Brown, Pitbull, Lil Jon, & Far East Movement, as well as indie favorites Roger Seventytwo & Childish Gambino.

His viral bootlegs of Waka Flocka and Rihanna continue to smash pop stars and festival-worthy heaviness together, much to the delight of PV’s dedicated fanbase online and in clubs across the globe.

Whether it’s on the beach in Hawaii or his home town of New York City, Proper Villains has been making full use of subwoofers for massive crowds, sharing the stage with artists like LA Riots, 12th Planet, Nadastrom, Borgore and Caspa. He has opened for international headliners Infected Mushroom, The Crystal Method and Mark Farina, winning new fans each and every time.

Seemingly on every artist’s & EDM fan’s radar, Proper Villains’ star is on the rise—No matter what new sounds emerge from the electronic underground next, he will be the guy making them, and the guy making them pop at the party.