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Prismo aka Zach Burgett is an up and coming bass music producer/DJ from Houston, TX. Prismo started playing various instruments at a young age including the drums, bass, and guitar. He listened to and was influenced by a variety of bands like Primus, Radiohead, and Billy Talent. He was unsuccessful in his efforts to form a band of his own, so he learned to record and produce his own songs. Once he discovered electronic music acts such as Skrillex, Knife Party, and Steve Aoki, he found his true passion. He began using his acquired production skills to produce electronic music, and his love for producing is ever expanding. After the success of his remix to “Black Widow” by Iggy Azalea in the summer in 2014 Prismo began taking the dance music world by storm. He finished 2014 with a release on Play Me Records “New Blood of Bass” Vol. 5 compilation which garnered support from The EDM Network as well as Trap and Bass and other big promo channels. At the young age of 18 years Prismo released his debut “Game Time” EP on Play Me Records in February of 2015 with premiers on The EDM Network. Following his EP he released his hit single “TRVP HVNDS” on Uprise Music supported by Crizzly, Danny Avila, The EDM Network, and many more.