Pane Mua


Raphael Lott aka Pane Mua may be just coming up as a dubstep-artist but he’s been in the scene for about 10 years. At the very age of 4 years he started playing the piano and writing sheet-music for his instrument ever since. At first, it seemed like classical piano might be the center of his career. But after he studied at the „University Of Music in Freiburg“ he became a lecturer for jazz-piano and jazz-/pop-arrangement at two universities in Southern Germany. His interest in producing electronic music himself started when he first heard the edm-milestone-album „Cross“ by Justice. Since then he has released several singles and EPs on MA Music, including the very popular „Power Stomp“ EP with a remix by Spag Heddy which even made it to the Beatport Top 3.

Already having played many shows all over Germany and France he is definitely one to watch this year – expect some groovy and creative jams of this guy!