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Nathan Fields, better known by his stage name Nato Feelz, is an American DJ, record producer, sound designer, and composer. His music reaches a wide demographic, from the dance floors of EDM events to placements in Sundance Film Festival hits. His sound design elements can be heard in over 60 critically acclaimed Hollywood Blockbuster film and video game trailers.

Since the birth of his beat making journey in 2010, he has continued to push the boundaries of electronic music by fusing elements from west coast hip-hop, metal, and punk rock with underground bass music. Nato has been featured by world renown music outlets such as Spotify’s Fresh Electronic playlist and, and has received praise from legendary acts including Excision and Datsik.

With an arsenal of forthcoming releases and countless film collaborations in the works, expectations are higher than ever as 2018 begins. Equipped with a pioneering attitude in the current era of music, Nato Feelz continues to adapt, expand, and prove that he is a force to be reckoned with in the ever changing musical landscape.