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Seroquel precio, Buy Seroquel no rx


Connor Schatzel is a musical perfectionist who mastered the guitar, piano, and drums at an early age in Arcadia, CA. To hone his skills as a producer Connor attended Icon Collective, the music production school in Burbank. He began to gain popularity as LUMBERJVCK shortly after graduating, making a cameo appearance in Borgore’s UZA music video as well as winning the EDC Chicago Discovery Project.

As LUMBERJVCK, Schatzel continued to make a name for himself by putting out some free releases on of his filthiest trap and dubstep. These releases helped build his most dedicated followers, the “JVCKSQUAD.” As his single, “Click Clvck,” made its way around the world as a staple of Skrillex’s 2014 Mothership Tour, LUMBERJVCK was ready to start touring. 2016 was a huge year for the JVCKSQUAD. Among all of his touring, LUMBERJVCK has now gone to Australia for a tour, made his major festival debut at Beyond Wonderland in San Bernardino, played the Tacoma Dome in Seattle, stopped in Paris and Switzerland for shows, went b2b2b with 12th Planet & Protohype at EDC Las Vegas, killed Insomniac’s new event – Project Z, and sold out much of the ten year anniversary SMOG Tour with 12th Planet. LUMBERJVCK also launched Insomniac’s new record label, Bassrush Records, with support from Diplo, Bassnectar, Tommy Trash, Excision, Datsik, The Crystal Method, Downlink, Figure, Far Too Loud, Pegboard Nerds, and LAXX, among others. His other releases include Old Gregg, Skinny Pigs with 12th Planet & Protohype, Stank Gum with 12th Planet, and a remix of Getter’s Suh Dude that has over 638 thousand plays.

2017 looks like it will be another huge year for LUMBERJVCK! He is finishing up the SMOG Tour and is already scheduled to perform select dates on Excision’s Paradox Tour. With so many accomplishments already under his belt, it is hard to imagine what 2017 will look like. Rest assured, it will be bigger than the last. ALL PLAID EVERYTHING.