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From the shadows of anonymity to the halls of the esteemed Icon Collective Music Production School, Kompany has devoted his life to perfecting the craft of bass music production. Hailing from the bucolic town of Temecula, California, Kyle Hagberg grew up with drumsticks in his hands and a skateboard under his feet. Kyle’s experience with drumming fitted him with an ear for rhythm and complex beat patterns, which in turn facilitated a smooth transition into the rigors of Icon Collective’s curriculum. As the former Head Sound Designer of, he needed to hone his attention to detail, which is impeccable, and his production ethos of driving everything through complex and extremely technical sound designs ensures his productions stand out amidst a sea of sameness. He was also an early devotee of bass music revolutionaries Datsik and Skrillex, and after seeing Skrillex perform at HARD Summer 2010, he decided then and there that he wanted to perform for a living. Kyle has since gone on to produce a veritable arsenal of earth-shattering tracks including a definitive remix of Nghtmre’s “Touch”, which Nghtmre himself supported wholeheartedly on his show and festival circuits and received an exclusive premiere with NestHQ. His track with Nitti Gritti, “Badlands”, earned a release with Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records, and he’s got releases with heavy hitters B-sides and ATLiens ready to fire. His list of supporters reads like a who’s-who of dance music royalty: Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Nghtmre, Slander, Kayzo, Herobust, Diplo, Getter, and Datsik just to name a few. His music speaks for itself, and his ability to engineer versatile sound designs with aggressive bass music structures together proves Kompany is a force the dance music world will have to reckon with.