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Born in Houston Texas and raised in different cities across the US, 23 year old Hayden Capuozzo spent most of his early life absorbing the different sounds and styles of all the musicians the world has to offer. Under the professional guise of Kayzo, Hayden managed to use his past to fuel his present and turn his passion for electronic music into a full-fledged career. Musical diversity is what brings a real unique flair to Kayzo’s music. Where other musicians are sticking to one style, too afraid to branch out, Kayzo is constantly reaching back to find different genres to master and to create new styles that no one has ever tried. With support from superstar acts like Krewella, Carnage, Adventure Club, Diplo, Candyland, and Excision, Kayzo is definitely on pace to be make a big splash in the near future.

Kayzo saw his break in 2012 when he was selected as the winner of Insomniac’s ‘Discovery Project’ Challenge ( with a mind-blowing mix featuring every genre under the sun. This win gave him the opportunity to play a set at Insomniac’s ‘Beyond Wonderland’ festival where he captivated an audience and melted faces. Did we mention that this was his first gig ever?

Since then, Kayzo has exploded onto the scene with an eclectic collection of remixes and original compositions. Kayzo’s original “Tekken” was chosen by Krewella featured on their ‘Future Sounds of EDM’ compilation released on Ministry of Sound (, the next single, “Crank” was release in Oct 14 through Kannibalen Records (, and forthcoming in December ’14 on Firepower Records are singles, “Fired Up” and “Visions.”

Kayzo quickly became recognized as the artist to watch in 2014 and he continues to gain support from DJs and fans, leaving them wanting more tracks and awe-inspiring, energy-filled live performances.