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Hizzleguy is a 19 year old Brighton, UK-based Producer / DJ who has been DJ’ing since the young age of 11. Starting out mixing Garage, Jungle & D’n’B Hizzleguy soon developed a love for Grime and Dubstep which inspired him to produce his own music and discovered his own unique sound. Being one of the founding members of Gangoon Dubz and having had his dancefloor smash ‘Dread’ released on Clandestine Cultivations Hizzleguy is recognised as one of Brighton’s leading Dubstep Producers / DJs along with fellow Gangoon Dubz member Dismantle. Hizzleguy can be found smashing up huge Dubstep nights in Brighton such as All Out & Dubstep Mayhem (Subsplash), The Big Bang, Dubpressure, Subprime and SKANK alongside all the big names in Dubstep. With some recent interest from Dubstep pioneers J Da Flex & El-B both Hizzleguy & Dismantle are set for releases on Thriller Funk & Nu Levels in the very near future. Hizzleguy has also been getting a lot of support from the likes of Jakes, Sukh Knight, Marchmellow, Riskotheque, Afterdark, DZ, Jakwob, Orien and Mr Jam of 1xtra. Hizzleguy is set for big things and has put