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Rising bass sensation Hi I’m Ghost, comprised of lifelong musician from Los Angeles, Nathan Davis, and audio engineer graduate from Conservatory of Recording Arts, Tiago Nunez, are taking the dance music scene by storm with their recent collaboration with Code:Pandorum, Call for Help, and staggering original, Killem With The Sound. Producing groundbreaking takes on pieces in the bass genre, as well as creating intriguing, fresh, originals, Hi I’m Ghost has made the heavier, darker side of dance music their focus with unrelenting releases, each capturing the dynamic nature of the duo. Using their deep knowledge of song structure and music theory, Hi I’m Ghost effortlessly masters the darker soundscapes of dubstep and blends intriguing chords to create a signature sound that is unmatched, slowly breaking out on the scene and establishing a distinct style to showcase to their growing fan base. Their recent releases are championed by some of bass music’s heavyweights including Dirtyphonics, R3HAB, and Krewella and have received the full support of Firepower Records. The renown Datsik himself has dropped many of Hi I’m Ghost’s tracks on his worldwide tours, and the response from fans everywhere has been overwhelmingly positive. As they gain more and more momentum with each release, all signs indicate Hi I’m Ghost is on a meteoric rise in their journey as one of dance music’s most promising acts.

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