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ETC! ETC! gravitates his aural attention onto anything that moves the room. First attracted to Electro House

for the big bass and floor-shattering fast-paced BPM, ETC!ETC! started to shift his focus to moombahton in early 2011 and started making an impact on the scene almost immediately. As of late, ETC!ETC! has achieved Rockstar status, producing some of the “heaviest, most intense trap songs ever created,” according to ThisSongIsSick.com.

In just the past 12 months he has been heard almost on a weekly rotation from radio stations across the world like Power106 LA, Kiss FM, KROQ, Triple J, and BBC Radio 1. He has received massive support from on-air personalities such as Kissy Sell Out, Dj Kayper, Annie Nightingale, Dj Wonder, Sway, Big BoyDj Felli Fell, Branko, Nina Las Vegas, and the following keeps growing.

With an eclectic mix of different audio flavors coming out of his arsenal it’s no wonder ETC! ETC! has garnered a diverse array of highly- prestigious support from EDM leaders Diplo, Skrillex, 12th Planet, Steve Aoki, Krewella, Borgore, Kill the Noise, Dillon Francis, Mstrkrft, Dirtyphonics, Bro Safari, Wolfgang Gartner & many others.

Now with multiple releases on Mad Decent, Firepower, Fool’s Gold, Slow Roast, Subhuman, Teenage Riot Records, Party Like US, Rot10 Musik, T&A, and his soon to be released EP featuring heavy instrumental’s, throaty bass, big 808’s, wrapped in some funky beats will make 2014 a mega year for ETC!ETC!