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Buy Seroquel in mo, Comprare Seroquel generico

Saber Achhab a.k.a. EH!DE, is a electronic music producer fresh to the scene but already making waves. EH!DE debuted in 2013 with his first album “THE ABU DHABI EP” released by Warped Recordings.

Later on, he released his second album “DRONE EP” by Fire Records on 01/08/2013. Most recently he released “Min Blow” by The Pooty Club Records with Panda Eyes’s collaboration on the track “Hype”.

EH!DE has also worked with: Point. Blank, Spag Heddy, Different Heaven, Alex Sin, Funk4Mation, and Datphoria.

EH!DE has been supported by alongside many great artists such as Protohype, Getter, Dotcom, Skidope, AFK, Tim Ismag, and Dubsidia. With remixes for Eptic and Habstrakt, which quickly went viral , EH!DE is becoming a brand name for melodic yet incredibly dark dubstep, a revolutionary sound, never heard before.