Dr. Ozi

Dr. Ozi // Toronto

In its earliest stages, Dr. Ozi was an imaginary friend; the figment of a child’s imagination.  Giant, strong and extraordinary, Dr. Ozi could outrun cars and jump over buildings with ease.  He was often seen flipping trucks, breaking branches and dangling from electrical wires. Like his creator, Dr. Ozi was unparalleled and unique. And like his creator, Dr. Ozi was never held down by expectations.

Since Dr. Ozi’s inception, Toronto-based Nix Chohan has been breaking molds and infiltrating dance floors with uniquely upbeat but relentless sounds of heavy synths and bass. And with releases on Buygore, Firepower and Uplink Audio Dr. Ozi has enjoyed recognition from bass music greats including Skrillex, Nero, Zomboy, Adventure Club & more.

Innovative in more than just his music production, the powerhouse artist has a great sense for the drama required of a live performance.  Dr. Ozi has captivated the audiences  of countless lauded nightclubs and international festivals such as WEMF and Medalla Light.

A proud force and trademark of Toronto’s talent, Dr. Ozi will continue to push boundaries and brighten dimly-lit clubs with his flashing, fast paced sound.  Without a doubt, Dr. Ozi is on the way to becoming the next big act to come out of Toronto’s underground dance scene.