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DKS (aka Max Clarke) is a 20 year old Bristol based electronic music producer, reigning heavy support in both radio and dj sets from influential players in the scene such as Skream & Benga, Rusko, Datsik, Mistajam, Plastician, Emalkay, Subscape and more. His unique sound led to him catching the eye of Firepower Records boss Datsik. Can’t Get Enough EP, released at the end of 2012 on Firepower, certified DKS’ place in the scene as one to keep an eye on. With remixes for the likes of Ultra Music and Disciple Recordings forthcoming, features on a mix compilation released by pioneering label Dub Police, a collab with Datsik himself, and a new EP on the way, 2013 has already been a big year for the young producer. Frequent BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra plays, Rinse FM plays and even an interview on Skream & Benga’s Radio 1 show only confirm that DKS is set on making his mark in the scene.