Karl Szwed // Northampton, UK

After playing guitar since the age of 11, and working his way through various bands, music was at the forefront from early on. He picked up on electronic music production in late 2008 after an interest in various electronic music developed when starting college. Still listening to and involved in other styles, he choose to concentrate on making predominantly Dubstep in all of its forms. Over the past 4 years he has released both digital and vinyl EP’s on a variety of labels and is working his way up in the scene and getting increasing support day by day. He is getting airplay from some of the biggest names in Dubstep like Skream & Benga, Funtcase, Hatcha, BadKlaat, Requake, Lost, Beezy, Jakes and many more. So hopefully with covering all the bases and a line of forthcoming releases you’ll be seeing a lot more from him!