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Emerging straight from the deep depths of Deathstep hell, 12th Hour has been ascending into the beautifully twisted world of Dubstep for the last two years. During which time he’s racked up big support from some of the heaviest hitters in the game, such as, jPhelpz, Sadhu, Dubloadz, Code: Pandorum, Haunta Rekoil & More. Being a DJ wasn’t enough for this natural born producer, after 4 years in the Chicago EDM scene, he decided that he needed to start building his own sound which was heavily influenced by none other than the Don’s themselves, Excision, Downlink, Datsik & Getter. Two years into producing bass-shredding tunes, he’s collected an army of fans and multiple releases over sever labels including Prime Audio and Forthcoming Firepower Records. He’s also had releases & has had premieres on EDM.com and DropTheBassline. 


The 12th Hour is quickly approaching, so get prepared for when the clock strikes because once it hits you’re in for a tasty treat of ground-shaking, head-exploding, ear-destroying bass.