LOS ANGELES (November 5th, 2014) Firepower Records is thrilled to announce the release of Mayhem and Antiserum’s Karate EP, which will drop on November 18th. It’s difficult to predict the overall carnage this will leave on dance floors across the globe, but early polling is suggesting it’s going to be straight filthy.

As individual artists, Mayhem and Antiserum are formidable forces in the bass music world. Hailing from Atlanta, Mayhem has forged a bass music scene in the city and has accumulated respectable collaborations with artists such as Waka Flocka Flame, Tyga, Young Thug, Gucci Mane, and Trinidad James. With over 15 years in the studio and the decks, he has drawn the attention of industry heavyweights. Although his roots are in Drum & Bass, his discerning ear and attention to detail has made him an innovator in every genre in which he chooses to focus.

Known for his invigorating dance-floor hype, instinctive musicality, and refined music production, San Francisco based producer Antiserum perpetually defines the sound of today. It’s not surprising he’s garnered the respect of the industry’s leaders including Diplo, Skrillex and Datsik.

Karate, then, is a level of havoc above and beyond the normal doses of Mayhem and Antiserum audiences have come to expect. This three track EP begins with the title track, “Karate”, a trap infused Dubstep kick in the head. The screeching top-line seems specifically designed to test the high ends of the best festival sound systems. The track is full and satisfying, and even allows the listener to breathe for a second with a mellow, yet penetrating melody.

Following “Karate” is “Flame”, a Hip Hop inspired play on the bass music tradition. It’s a sound Firepower Records has explored lately given its versatility and ability to work dance floors into frenzies. Mayhem and Antiserum put the best of their musical brains together here, exploiting their common love of the uncommon sound design and mainlining it straight into the track. It makes sense, then, to expect their VIP version of “Trippy” to be as unique as it gets. Dipping into Hardhouse and toggling back and forth between Trap and Dubstep seems completely natural to two artists who have not only been through the evolution of all three genres, but are currently leading the charge.

The track listing for Karate is:

1. Antiserum & Mayhem – “Karate”
2. Antiserum & Mayhem – “Flame”
3. Antiserum & Mayhem – “Trippy” VIP

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