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Los Angeles (February 27th, 2018) – Firepower Records is set to release Rettchit’s The Harvest EP on March 16th, and the level of filth this young producer brings to the game is otherworldly. Hailing from the bass capital of Denver, Colorado, Rettchit is the musical spawn of a city that takes its bass seriously. Rettchit has an appetite for destruction, and after an onslaught of successful singles and collaborations, Firepower Records is ready to show the world just how massive a talent he is.

First up is “Harvester”, featuring Messinian and it slays from the start. Messinian’s lyrical contributions to bass music through the years are legendary, and his notorious low vocal growl instantly transforms this tune into soul reaping machine. This is a pulverizing set-list weapon and it’s hard to believe we’ve gone this long without such an epic crusher. But here you go. Apply this tune liberally to crowds and watch them melt.

With both “Invasion” and “Godzilla”, Rettchit utilizes his talent for creating cinematic musical elements to establish imaginative soundscapes. We are taken to the edge of the universe, where lurking is a invading Alien force bent on complete annihilation of our terrestrial world, or a hideous monster of a nuclear catastrophe destroying major metropolises. Chalk it up to his youthful vitality, or just his love of creating stories with music, but “Invasion and “Godzilla” reestablishes bass music’s connections to the immersive and imaginative.

Squaring off the EP is “Undead”, and Rettchitt fuels the track with a massive helping of cranium shattering synth arrangements that drives it mercilessly forward. Another example of Rettchit’s capacity for the cinematic, the tune attacks the senses with an array of world building sound designs, and the result sounds like a horde of zombies destroying everything in sight.


The tracklisting for The Harvest is:

  1. Rettchit – “Harvester” (featuring Messinian)
  2. Rettchit – “Invasion”
  3. Rettchit – “Godzilla”
  4. Rettchit – “Undead”


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