Los Angeles (December 6, 2017) Firepower Records will release the much-anticipated remixes of Datsik and 1000volts’ chart demolisher “Monster” on December 15th, and with bass music baddies Dubloadz and BadKlaat on remix duties, the tune gains in energy and force beyond our capabilities to control it. “Monster” was already a behemoth, soaring past the 1 million play mark on Spotify early into it’s release. It’s been featured on more then a dozen major playlists and continues to smash festival stages around the world. Both Dubloadz and BadKlaat have been tireless crusaders in the bass music world, forging paths with music where none dared to go by taking risks with their creativity that paid off. These remixes reveal the power of bass in our present moment by taking a classic tune, strapping on two massive riddim rockets to the sides, and hitting the ignite button.

It’s an honor to have the “Head Crush” creator himself, BadKlaat, remixing “Monster”. Hailing from Gloucester in the UK, BadKlaat was responsible for fashioning riddim into what we know of it today and championing it to its current point of prominence. Innovative is an understatement, and his skill comes through immediately on this remix. BadKlaat begins the tune with a throwback hip-hop beat, a kind of homage to the old school hip-hop roots of Datsik, Jayceeoh and Redman

As he feeds into the drop, we hear the classic BadKlaat rhythm lead the tune over the top of a cheeky riddim roller. The result is entirely devastating. This has set-list weapon written all over it.

Dubloadz has spent his career breaking barriers in the bass music game. He’s a fierce enemy of the status quo, and just when audiences think they have him figured out, he rearranges everything like a constantly re-forming labyrinth. If a true measure of a producer’s prowess is how they handle a remix, this remix of “Monster” shows an artist who is at the height of his creative genius. The remix takes on a life of it’s own spurred by an almost complete re-working of the original components. Dubloadz grafts his own style and aesthetic over the top, interspersing his quintessential audio oddities and beat signatures throughout. He took the track nuclear, and now this monster is a world-consuming leviathan.

Tracklist for “Monster” Remixes:

  1. Datsik & 1000volts – “Monster”
  2. Datsik & 1000volts – “Monster” (BadKlaat Remix)
  3. Datsik & 1000volts – “Monster” (Dubloadz Remix)


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