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Los Angeles (March 13, 2018) – Firepower Records is set to release the 8th installment of our Flatline Compilation on March 30th, 2018, and it features a squadron of next generation battle-ready bass bombardiers loaded to the teeth with a new audio arsenal we guarantee you’ve never heard before. Since its inception, the Flatline Compilation has featured the brightest and most diverse new talents emerging in the bass music world. Don’t be fooled—the names you see on the track list may be new, but one spin of the track and it’s clear these artists are wise beyond their years.

INF1N1TE and Notixx team up for a massive headsplitter with “Straight Headshot”. The tune cycles through a range a powerful bass-heavy sections, from a more traditional Dubstep structure to variations on Riddim that bury audiences where they stand. One of the criteria all of the tunes on the EP share is experimentation in sound design. “Straight Headshot” re-creates some classic sonic treats, but as the tune progresses, it’s clear INF1N1TE and Notixx have come here to show us the future. The future looks wubby.

Sacred Sciences and English Lit come through with “Gym Class Hero”—a collaboration so good, it’s setting the curve for the entire class. A sharp lyricist in his own right, Control takes us to school and shows us why he’s about to ace the Rap Game. A pulverizing sub bass rolls under this tune supporting a sinister synth arrangement designed to melt faces and claim souls. Or both if you’re lucky.

If you are still standing after the first two tunes, then be prepared to lose your balance with Predakore and Gang Sign’s “Throw Em Up”. A true festival banger, this tune begins with a scorching heavy metal guitar riff that could strip the paint from the walls. The tone is set, and as the build-up mounts, the audience begins to realize how much the drop is going to hurt. The accompanying wall of sound, the robust riddim beat structure, and the experimental sound scheme, when paired together, is a nuclear blast. Throw this into your sets and be prepared for total surrender.

Finally, there’s Sam Lamar’s “Aliens” featuring MagMag, and we’re still not sure he’s producing with production tools invented on Planet Earth. With expertly produced Rap sections thanks to the lyrical acrobatics of MagMag, the track flips to an insane Riddim Roller with sound techniques that have the potential to embarrass the last 10 years of bass music production. Cleverly orchestrated drum samples ping pong off the beat, creating a kind of depth in sound rarely achieved these days. A massive synth annihilates the listener, which will lead to wave after wave of audio induced orchestrating by the crowd.


The tracklisting for Flatline Volume 8 is:

  1. INF1N1TE & Notixx – “Straight Headshot”
  2. Sacred Sciences & English Lit – “Gym Class Hero” (feat. Control)
  3. Predakore & Gang Sign – “Throw Em Up”
  4. Sam Lamar – “Aliens” (feat. MagMag)


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