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Los Angeles (July 17, 2018) – Firepower Records is set to release the 9th installment of our Flatline Compilation on July 17th, 2018, and it features a squadron of next generation battle-ready bass bombardiers loaded to the teeth with a new audio arsenal we guarantee you’ve never heard before. Since its inception, the Flatline Compilation has featured the brightest and most diverse new talents emerging in the bass music world. Don’t be fooled—the names you see on the track list may be new, but one spin of the track and it’s clear these artists are wise beyond their years.

The first tune is a filth bomb called “Sweet Fear” from returning FP recording artist Cherney. It’s pulverizing, irreverent, and an absolute set list weapon. Hardcore guitar riffs axe through a hard-as-nails buildup, dropping us into a bass music blender. At one point Cherney pulls the bottom out, and the drop opens up into a Riddim pit of doom. Mix in a dose of Hardstyle, and this track is set to claim souls on the festival circuit.

Next up is Firepower newcomers Dewaxed & Diskirz with “Brain Surgery”. The buildup does a thorough job of opening our braincases with a melodic topline that is sinister and mischievous. The drop hits hard, and the Riddim beat structures march through the first section like an army of take-no-prisoner Automatons. The sheer force of the cleverly designed Snare will drive your head rail-ward. Let the bass-face competition begin.

Blaqout returns to Firepower Records with “Wheel it Back”, and it’s an apocalyptic audio assault. As expected, Blaqout brings his intense focus and expansive creative energy to the track. You can hear this in his ability to establish the tune’s identity early with a big melodic synth section. But as the tune charges forward, his capacity for engineering mind-melting buzzsaw soundscapes approaches genius level. This tune will instantly transform audiences into bass music conductors.

Squaring out the EP is Tryple with “Skyline” featuring the battle-axe lyricism of MagMag. Hailing from Florence, Italy, Tryple has been banging heads for some time, but “Skyline” is next level insane and we’re glad to have him on the compilation. The tune crushes you early and often, hammering audiences with both a pulverizing Riddim beat structure and a combination of brain abusing synth lazers, wobbles, and high frequency sonic slicing. Add this to you setlist pronto.


The Tracklisting for Flatline Volume 9 is:

  1. Cherney – “Sweet Fear”
  2. Dewaxed & Diskirz – “Brain Surgery”
  3. Blaqout – “Wheel It Back”
  4. Tryple – “Skyline” (Feat. MagMag)



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