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Los Angeles (July 31, 2018) – Firepower Records is thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of Extra Terra’s Alien Intelligence EP on August 17th, and it’s absolutely otherworldly. Originating somewhere deep in the Galaxy, Extra Terra currently resides in their terrestrial home country of France where they’ve been launching relentless waves of audio attacks on the bass music world for some time now. Their last release on Firepower Records, Alien Theory, wreaked absolute havoc on set lists across the globe, and we expect nothing less with Alien Intelligence.

The first track from the EP is “Bedrock”. Extra Terra teams up with PsoGnar for this one and the result is a phenomenal fusion of hard-as-nails vocalism with a filthy Riddim roller. Extra Terra leads the tune with a spacey topline that launches almost immediately into a gut-punishing sonic hyperloop.

The title track, “Alien Intelligence”, is the audio equivalent of galaxy-wide space battle. Extra Terra commits a generous amount of sound design to constructing an epic cinematic soundscape, which reveals not only a mastery of production techniques, but also an understanding of how music can influence emotion and imagination. Pump this tune through a festival soundsystem for an accurate dance floor re-enactment of the battle to defend the galaxy.

“Survivor” goes all in. With an infectious beat breakdown perfect for rail-riding and riddim-pitting, Extra Terra forces the audience into a buzz-saw synth laced frenzy. Like with the other tunes, Extra Terra employs their superior sound design skills in the fulfillment of a sweeping sonic landscape that plays into their overarching extra-terrestrial themes. (

Squaring out the EP is “Crashcoin”, and despite its bubbly, classic Dub inspired melody, it rages all the way out. Extra Terra sets a somewhat head-nodic tone at the start, but the drop rips apart any semblance of sanity and hits light speed seemingly without warning. This is a certified set list weapon—so get after it.


The playlist for Alien Intelligence is:

  1. Extra Terra & PsoGnar – “Bedrock”
  2. Extra Terra – “Alien Intelligence”
  3. Extra Terra – “Survivor”
  4. Extra Terra – “Crashcoin”


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